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Walking Club

Join other Malayalee women in the community for walks around Congers Lake Memorial Park and get some exercise and relaxing time away for their busy day to day schedule!

We are having a great time already and there's definitely more to come! This is a perfect way to have some fun while we get in shape, start new exercise routines, and experience better health and vitality outdoors with friends.

You've been thinking about walking and getting out more, right? So why not join our walking club? You'll have a fabulous time forming friendships and getting in shape at the same time, with the support and encouragement of other members of the walking club.

Please contact Mrs. Reetha Manalil(845-323-4909) or Mrs. Rachel Mathew(845-634-4925) for more information.

Congers Lake Memorial Park Trail Info

Congers Lake Memorial Park Trail now extends 1.7 miles around the northern and southern sections of Congers Lake, along Route 303, and around Congers Lake Memorial Park. The path, which has two entrances off of Lake Road, currently only goes around part of the lake, going around the north and south portions of the lake, along Route 303, and through Congers Lake Memorial Park on Gilchrest Road. The path is 1.7 miles long, so visitors can walk up to 3.4 miles if they go back and forth.