Eye for the Blind

Post date: May 31, 2015 1:11:54 PM

As you all know ,though MARC is a cultural organization, a charity program called eye for the blind is the flagship program of association ever since it established and It is well known among our Malayalee community. Through the Lions Charity Trust Hospital in Paika, Pala, Kerala, every year we sent substantial amount for the eye surgery for the blind who never got a chance to see the world. In 2010 itself around 13 blind individuals were able to see the light through our program. In 2011, 18 blind people were undergone for surgery through our eye for the blind program and they all have restored their eye sight.

In 2014 ,November we had our third fund raiser for the same program and the entire Rockland Malayalee community has encouraged this program by giving their contributions. The committee has decided to give the $5000 we collected in two batches to deserving charity organization in Kerala. The first batch of $2500 was given again to Lions Charity Trust Hospital in Paika, Pala, Kerala and 20 people restored their eye sight this year. The letter we received from the hospital is attached below. We also received the names and details of the 20 individuals that undergo the surgery, which we are not publishing online.

The letter says "Your contributions made it possible for 20 poor patients restore their eye sight and it will be rewarded to see their joyful tears after seeing the colors of life again. May the almighty showers his blessings on all the members of the Malayalee Association of Rockland County"

Association is very much thankful to your contributions for this noble cause we will be trying to reach out to every family in the community to express our gratitude. Even if we missed you for some reason, please accept this as our thank you note.